Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hunt in North Dakota

Me and a friend went to North Dakota on a hunting trip. I was amazed that there wasn't any trees and how wide open it was. It made it a little difficult to find the bedding areas essential for this hunt. I found out that the key to hunting this area is finding the drainages off the farmland which is usually discarded by farming equipment which helps undergrowth and cover essential for bedding areas.

If you can find interconnecting drainages you have found a natural travel corridor. You should be able to find good deer sign in these areas not to mention big buck sign. Be sure to hunt on the east side of these bedding areas b/c that's the prevailing wind. Always hunt the wind. Deer have unbelievable smell:)

If you are lucky enough to find good buck sign hang a pourable tree stand or ground blind on the east side of that sign. Make sure that you are in bow range! Since the area is so open it is hard to judge distance. If you use objects such as fence lines, dirt clumps, trees, or tall grass you can eliminate the guess work. I'm also a fan of buying the best hunting binoculars that I can find to make my life a little easier.

The final key to this hunt I found out is to hunt any given spot no more that two days in a row for scent control. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If your scent is in the area for more than a few days plan on burning your North Dakota buck tag:)

The best time to hunt is late October, early November. Remember the bucks are only stupid for two days out of the year. Get out there.

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