Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fly Fishing for King Salmon

Fishing in Alaska can be a challenge on the road system. But if you keep your eyes open and look beyond the obvious crowds there are fishing holes where you can cash in on your king.

Keep your eyes on the fishing regulations as well b/c some areas are closed some areas have an annual bag limit and other areas don't have an annual bag limit. For the most part you can keep one king per day.

One of my favorite spots in the Kasilof River. Not many people know about early season king salmon fishing in this drainage. The early run peaks in the last week in May and the first week of June. Just before the last week in May I find is the best time to go fishing. You'll find yourself mainly alone along the shallow river banks where the walking is very easy. You can cover a lot of ground and water essential for fly fishing in Alaska.

One time i found myself at the crocked creek confluence where it meets the Kasilof. i was watching the current very closely. After about 10 minutes watching the same spot a very subtle yet distinct dorsal fin of a king salmon sliced thru the surface of the water. I quietly edged up river so i could backdrift my hand tied polar shrimp fly in front of the king salmon. After it seemed like 100 casts i saw that same dorsel fin slice through the surface and i thought to myself how am I missing this fish b/c i was bouncing my weight along the bottom just fine. But then again, was I?

I then regathered ny thoughts and put on a #1 slitshot and a bead in front of my fly. I also extended my leader by about 5 inches making it around 30 inches sinker to fly. I then did the same backdrift and it was an immediate hook-up! So excited I was to hook up with my first king on the fly I yelled out "fish on." Then I realized I was the only one on the river.

After a few long runs up and down river I realized this was no ordinary king. I saw only his back at one point and it looked like a suitecase. He then decided to take one last run down river that i couldn't keep up with. Maybe i should have brought my ten weight. So ends my fishing trip in Alaska.

Best Hunting Dog

I've been thinking about getting a hunting dog. I thinking about going peasant hunting in south dakota and it would be nice to have one not just for that but other hunts.

My grandpa has a yellow lab and hes pretty good. My uncle has a chocolate lab. I've seen some German shorthair dogs b/c of their performance but they are not as friendly as a lab it seems. Somebody tell me what you think.